Frequently Asked Questions about Bathtub Refinishing

What is Bathtub Refinishing?
Sometimes referred to as ‘resurfacing’, ‘reglazing’, or ‘re-enameling’, refinishing is a process whereby porcelain and fiberglass surfaces are prepared and refinished on site without removal using a coating system specifically formulated and manufactured for use on bathtub and sink surfaces.
How Long will the New Bathtub Finish Last?
All refinished tubs are warranted for 5 years against failure due to material or workmanship.  Tests indicate our surface, with the proper care, will perform for decades or longer.  We have refinished tubs 20 years old still in use.
How does our Refinished Surface Compare to the Old Surface in Appearance?
You will be delighted with the difference.  The tub will once again have the lustre and feel of a new tub.  Cleaning will again be easy.  After all, the tub you have is still good, it’s just the surface that needs to be replaced.
How Much does Bathtub Refinishing Cost?
Prices vary from company to company, because of the time taken to complete the job and the quality of materials used.  As with all contracting work, one usually gets what one pays for.  Keeping costs low is important, but so is the value received for your investment.  Your new bathtub finish will last for many years with proper care, and a small difference in price may be less important then years of trouble free use.  Call us and we will be happy to give you an estimate.
How Long will it Take to Refinish my Tub?
Our process may take a little longer then other companies because we do not use a quick curing material which can result in a brittle surface suseptible to cracking and peeling.  Our material remains flexible, therefore, when the tub expands and contracts due to hot and cold conditions, it will not crack.  We also take extra time and care in preparing the tub for the new surface. We make sure that the surface is completely free of old chaulk or silicone sealants.  We take steps to ensure that the tub is completely free of moisture.  We believe that the prepping process is a very important step for attaining superior end results.  We take no shortcuts.  Our process takes 5-7 hours to apply.  Due to our materal being a slower curing process, we will return the next day to service and inspect your new tub.  Service consists of removing masking paper, replacing any fixtures that were removed for refinishing, rechaulking, and installing a slip-resistant surface in the bottom.
How do I Clean my New Tub?
Sam’s Bathtub Services will always take the time to instruct you on how to properly care for your newly refinished tub.  We will also leave you this information in written form.  Sam’s Bathtub Services has one of the easiest-to-clean surfaces to be found in the modern American home.  We will recommend many non-abrasive cleaners, even a mild dish liquid will do the job.  Your refinished surface is also acid resistant, but you will always want to take care when using high acid cleaners because these can damage your fixture and drain finishes.  If you ever have any questions about cleaning your tub after we leave your project, please feel free to give us a call.

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