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When it comes to bathtub refinishing, we have never found a product that we could offer the consumer at a lower cost, yet that gave the same excellent end result in terms of looks, feel, durability and years of trouble free performance, than the bathtub refinishing coating we started with in 1988 .   We use a two-component urethane developed in 1960.  It has flight item approval for the aerospace industry.  It is Isocyanine and lead free, and has superior gloss and gloss retention.  It has a great resistance to yellowing and is extremely flexible.  It has an exceptional bond when combined with a vinyl phenolic primer, and our very thorough preparation process.

We have purchased our coating directly from the same manufacturer since 1988.  The coating has been improved upon 9 times since then to keep up with changes in the industry.  The manufacturer does not believe your home should be a testing ground, so this coating is constantly tested. View the CP-500 Laboratory Testing Report.  The end result for our customers is a safe and beautiful refinished bathtub that looks like new.

Our bathtub refinishing process takes a little longer then most, and the coating takes 48 Hrs to cure, which is about a day longer than most.  Note that the faster a coating cures, the more brittle it becomes.  We may be a little higher priced and take a little longer, but we believe the value of your investment will be greatly enhanced and will serve you beautifully for many years to come.

Below you will see photos showing some of the steps taken to get to a beautifully refinished bathtub .  We hope that this will give you a good idea of what to expect when you hire our company to take care of all your bathtub and shower needs.  We take pride in delivering a very high quality end product to our customers, and we will continue to post photos of new jobs on our Projects page.

Now thats an ugly tub! Your tub might not look quite as bad, but what ever the condition, Sam’s Bathtub Services can transform it into a shiny, bright, and easy to clean tub once again!
A Beautiful, Refinished Bathtub And here is that same tub.  Now thats a pretty tub!
  We don’t just cut the old caulk back, but we completely remove all the old caulk from around the perimeter of the tub and tile. Repairs have been made to chips and damaged areas on the tub.
The tub is now prepped.  A heat light has been put over the tub to make sure that it is completely free of moisture before we apply our primer coat.
The primer has been applied to the tub.  A heat light has been placed on the tub to cure the primer before the new surface is applied.
In most cases we recommend that you complete all your other bathroom renovations such as flooring, counters, commodes, etc. before we start your refinishing project.   We will carefully mask off all vulnerable surfaces to protect them.




We use a remote evac system and mask off from the top of the evac to the top of the door to insure that nothing gets outside of the bathroom and into the rest of your home. We are now ready to start applying the new surface to your tub.
Here the new surface has been applied. We have put the heat lights on and closed the bathroom door until we return the next day to service your job.
Keeping the door closed will help keep the bathroom warm and minimize dust getting in the air and possibly landing on the new surface while it is still wet.
The next day we will need to return to your home to service your refinish job. At this time we remove all of the masking material we have used.  We will caulk the perimeter of the bathtub with a good quality caulk.  If you have chosen the option to have us replace your old drain and overflow with a new chrome drain and overflow we will do this now, as well as install a non-slip into the bottom of the tub.
Here the tub will have the non-slip installed inside of the taped off area.  Notice the reflection of the taped off area on the back wall of the tub.  That is how shiny your tub will look after our refinish.
Now here are those same before and after pictures.  Our refinished tub feels as smooth as it looks.  No hard to clean orange peel surface.  Notice how clean the caulk appears.  That is because we have removed all of the caulk during preparation and are not going over top of old caulk.  The drain and overflow have also been replaced with new on this tub.
A Beautiful, Refinished Bathtub We will go over instructions of how to care for and clean your new tub to keep it looking new for many years. You will not be able to use your tub for a couple of days while it cures, but you can start using the other fixtures in your bathroom.

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